Sunbeam Playspace

Sunbeam and Victa produced iconic Australian products at the Clemton Park site during the hey-day of Australian manufacturing. The visual inspiration for the play-space stems from these two manufacturing icons with reference to the design palette of the 1940s and 1950’s era. The long coiling ‘electric’ cable complete with a black ‘plug’ stands proud as a focal element, doubling up as a climbing play structure. The rotating ‘Roundanet’ resembles Sunbeam mix master ‘beaters’. These in combination with other play elements are placed within a brightly coloured and patterned soft-fall area, the design reminiscent of 1950’s fabric prints. 

The play-space and piaza are linked via narratives laser cut into corten steel planters, referencing the past use of the site.

By honoring the past significance of this site we hope that new residents enjoying this public space will form deeper connections to ‘Clemton Park’ beyond the mere ownership of bricks and mortar. 


Sunbeam Playspace


Clemton Park


Frasers Property


November 2014

Key Consultants

Umbaco Landscape Architects
Celeste Coucke from Cloud Farm Studio

Photography: Simon Wood Photography