Mt Kembla Colliery Disaster Memorial

This Memorial commemorates the worst mining disaster in Australian history dated in 1902. Extensive community involvement has been essential for this project which has now achieved a great community ownership.The Memorial has become a local landmark, while the pathway is providing a link connecting to key historical sites being a rich visual and educational resource.


BHP Billiton, Ministry of Arts, Mineworkers Trust, IM, Wollongong City Council


Mt Kembla Colliery Disaster Memorial


Mt Kembla, NSW


Mt Kembla Pathway Community Group with Wollongong City
Budget $ 300 000



Key Consultants

UmbaCo Landscape Architects
Jane Cavanough of Artlandish Art and Design
Poems by Michael Connolly
Slate carvings by Marlie Kentish Barnes
Tile Mozaics by Cynthia Turner and Coomaditchie Artist Cooperative
Bridge artworks by Graham Barthollomew (pictured)