Margaret Roberts Prep School

This new outdoor learning and play environment has been built in association with the construction of a new Junior School at SCECGS, the Margaret Roberts Prep School. New outdoor areas included central 'Plaza' with custom design seating using glazed bricks, a large amphitheatre which can be used as a stage and socker and cricket playing fields. The new junior school is overlooking into an exciting natural play area with sand, mud, water, rocks and more.  Our challenge here was to design an accessible play area originally too steep to achieve this. We used separate play nodes connected through a winding pathway making the play experience even more exciting yet fully accessible. Delightful sound sculptures, sandstone artworks and play equipment complete the experience. For more images click here.


Margaret Roberts Prep School


SCECGS Redlands Cremorne, NSW


SCECGS Redlands
Budget $ 300 000



Key Consultants

UmbaCo Landscape Architects
Gardner Wetherill Architects
Sculptures :Chris Bennetts Ishibuki / Kim Bowman Muzic
Contractor : Bates Landscapes