Library Forecourt, Wentworth Point

Wentworth Point is a fast growing and thriving residential community in Homebush Bay on the banks of the Parramatta River. Umbaco was engaged to design the external forecourt of the Library located on the ground floor of 2 large residential towers. Our intention was for the area to be inclusive, multifunctional and multifaceted; to respond to the internal layout of the Library and work as an external “extension” to the Library.
On completion, this forecourt activates the entry into the new Library. The overall design is simple yet carefully detailed and snugly fits into the void created by the high-rise residential towers above. The generous seating terraces provide platforms for reading and define flexible spaces for small community events. Kentia palms fill the void above the forecourt magnificently. This simple design has complex detailing as well as a yin-yang energy to it. This is seen in the contrast between the spaces, forms and materials of the two main seating pods. People can now relax against the planters, under the striking Kentia palms, in a contained and yet public space.


Library Forecourt, Wentworth Point


Wentworth Point, NSW


CK Design International
Parramatta City Council
Budget : $ 500 000


May 2017

Key Consultants

Umbaco Landscape Architects
CK Design International
Contractors : Billbergia and Glascott Landscapes

Photography : Simon Wood Photography and Billbergia