Kenneth Slessor Park

Visitors to this steeply overgrown park on the western side of Pacific Highway have struggled to find a usable path and comfortable seats to enjoy the view to the Blue Mountains. The space has now been completely transformed with amphitheatre seating and lounges. The lookout has become a popular lunch spot for nearby office workers. A small play area is located at the bottom of the park with a hill slide amongst new plantings. And who is Kenneth Slessor ?  A well known Australian poet to whom this park was dedicated. To commemorate his work, five bells gently rocking and singing in the wind bordering the central steps of the site, evoking Slessor’s poem about a sailor’s life.

Five Bells. Five bells coldly ringing out. Five bells.   ...


Kenneth Slessor Park




Willoughby City Council
Budget $ 280 000


April 2016

Key Consultants

Umbaco Landscape Architects
Roger Apte / artwork prefabrication

Photography: Simon Wood Photography