Glenmore Road Public School

Glenmore Road Public School is a small inner city primary school. Founded in 1882 and situated in Paddington, the School is set  on a unique multileveled site presenting a number of design challenges as well as wonderful potential as a stimulating  learning environment .

We have been engaged by the school to consult with its community, sift through ideas, prepare a masterplan for the school site, suggest staging and prepare detailed costings. In the first stage we conducted a workshop with 5th and 6th graders, a delightful bunch of kids with plenty of ideas as well as a healthy attitude. Following further consultations we then prepared School Master Plan with individual concepts and costings. The school is now able to use our plans for the grant applications and sponsorships.


Glenmore Road Public School


Paddington, NSW


Glenmore Road Public School



Key Consultants

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