Sutherland Shire Centenary Park

This park has been built on a former Energy Australia site. The functional and sustainable approach has been derived upon a detailed understanding of the site’s conditions. Our team delivered a wholesome family park experience. Diverse and challenging play areas set in natural environment, with plantings being supported by recycled water, offer rich play value. Families with children of all ages and abilities feel safe and comfortable while they are having great day of fun.


Winner of NSW Sustainable Water Challenge in 2006 
High Commendation in IPWEA Excellence Awards 2007


Sutherland Shire Centenary Park


Miranda, NSW


Sutherland Shire Council
Budget $ 1 Million



Key Consultants

UmbaCo Landscape Architects
Artlandish Art and Design
Beverley Garlick Architects
Ric McConaghy
Sutherland Shire Council Consulting Services

Photography: Simon Wood Photography 1-8