Coogee National Monument

UmbaCo has been selected as one of the 6 design teams by Randwick City Council to prepare submission for the National Monument for Fallen Lifesavers. Our Team was a finalist of the competition.
We responded with two distinct approaches to the brief. The first was strongly driven by the notion of journey; visitors to the Monument would move through and explore the memorial site and the layers of meaning it encapsulates. The second was a more monumental sculptural response. “The Wave” was both memorial wall and a dynamic sculptural form itself. Common to both concepts was the sculptural work entitled Homecoming as well as an interactive media element. The Homecoming sculpture depicted two young men, an ANZAC and a Lifesaver, standing side by side overlooking the ocean. Despite their lean strength, these figures are barely matured. They embody the spirit of youthful bravado and would provoke a personal response from the viewers….
Hand sketches by Tomas Misura. Click here for official website.


Coogee National Monument


Coogee Beach, NSW


Randwick City Council
Budget over $ Million



Key Consultants

UmbaCo Landscape Architects
Misura Metal Design Studio
Chris Elliot Architects
Celeste Coucke Cloud Farm Studio
Anita Madura