Cahill Park Playspace

Following the preparation of master Plan for entire Cahill Park site Umbaco was engaged to design the playspace. The challenge of a need for tidal and flood protection resulted in an interesting site footprint. While protecting the assets from the  flooding we seamlessly resolved all levels and adjoining surfaces making all play areas accessible yet interesting and challenging. Generous elevated areas offer exciting climbing, spinning and sliding opportunities. The quieter and shaded area of a sandpit has lovely handmade sandstone sculptures and clever sand play works loved by young children. There is hopping and skipping over skillfully made rope course next to commercially prefabricated play elements. Stage 2 has also been designed and will include water play, a double flying fox and other exciting elements.


Cahill Park Playspace


Wolli Creek


Bayside Council
Budget $ 1.2 million


September 2017

Key Consultants

Umbaco Landscape Architects
Partridge Engineers
MitchellBrandtman Quantity Surveyors
Glascott Landscapes
Timber Creations, Kompan, Playrope and Vivarec