Bexley Park

We have been inspired by a lovely natural setting in this park, located next to the local cricket field. Sandstone outcrops, so common in Bexley are displayed here with a ring of heritage stone wall and a grove of Figs. We used this space for a "nature play" with mystical creatures crafted by Andrew Smith. The elevated plateau is accessed by a small rope bridge. There is more ropes, balancing beams and obstacle horses. Closer to the path are more accessible elements. Across the main pathway - it is the speed that rules the day - double flying fox with a cycleway. Seating, rest areas and shade complete the play experience.  


Bexley Park




Bayside Council (former Rockdale)
Budget : $ 350 000


August 2015

Key Consultants

Umbaco Landscape Architects
Timber Creations