Gymea Glade in Helensburgh

UmbaCo prepared a Master plan and site specific art concepts in association with Jane Cavanough, a public artist. A custom designed adventure playground with the emphasis on mining history has been built as well as a new timber boardwalk and extensive wetland fringe planting. The latest rain garden technology has been implemented in cooperation with engineers. A continued bushregeneration of the existing riparian corridor including an ecologically endangered community of Southern Sydney Sheltered Forest  is a part of ongoing works on site. This place has become a heart of a new residential subdivision in Helensburgh.


Winner of LCA Awards of Excellence in Category ‘Recreational’ in 2009


Gymea Glade in Helensburgh


Helensburgh, NSW


Landcom and Wollongong City Council
Budget $ 850 000



Key Consultants

UmbaCo Landscape Architects
Artlandish Art and Design
Cynthia Turner
J.Wyndham Prince and Cardno Engineers